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The 2021 Burnaway Reader $25.00$50.00

Across three thematic sections and two artist projects, Burnaway’s 2021 Reader, Treasure looks at cultural memory, myth, and the way they have shaped our South. The first section, Word of Mouth, explores the oral traditions and patterns of language that have shaped cultural imaginings of the U.S. South, extending into music, poetry, legends, and audio archives. Nodes and Networks maps the physical and digital systems of people and information that define, divide, and parse our cultural categories, with a particular emphasis on rural queer spaces and radio waves. The final section, Belief and Fiction, demonstrates how we create spirituality and make new worlds through stories.

Highlights of the fifteen features include curator Daniel Fuller’s profile of blues musician and sculptor James “Son Ford” Thomas, Jessica Baran’s abbreviated history of a small poetry press founded in Arkansas, Jasmine Amussen’s conversation with artists and curators about Southern queer networks and architecture, and a bilingual story of Puerto Rican artist Natalia Lassalle-Morillo by Monica Uszerowicz.

Distributed and published by Burnaway
Designed by Brette Richmond
Edition of 500, full color
Printed in Georgia


Complete your set of Burnaway Readers by adding on a copy of the 2019 anthology, Stranger, Harder, Brighter for $10.00 and / or the 2020 anthology, Laws of Salvage for $15.00.
Bundle all three for $50.00