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Where I’m Calling From

The Fourth Edition of the Burnaway Reader $25.00

After another year of distance and isolation, Burnaway has slowly returned to seeing each other again, seeing you again. In this fourth edition of Burnaway’s print publication titled Where I’m Calling From – from the Raymond Carver story of the same name – we are taking stock of how we are doing, and what the news on the ground across our coverage area is. Printed on paper reminiscent of the Yellow Pages with a matching bright cover, Where I’m Calling From continues the evolution of Burnaway’s print publication as a gorgeous, bespoke object hailing a new Southern sensibility that Burnaway’s audience is known for.

Including in this volume are stories on sonic traditions in Jamaica, reflections on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Pride of Portsmouth, Virginia’s — Missy Elliot — debut album Supa Dupa Fly, parrot tourist traps in Florida, The City Behind the Fence in Tennessee, fairies in the Ozark Mountains, the last dogtrot houses in North Carolina, the Hot Boyz of New Orleans, and the destructive strip-mining of Twilight III in West Virginia.

Existing between the space occupied by periodicals, academic journals, and art objects, Where I’m Calling From covers thirteen states plus the Caribbean, and is carried by public and private universities, large-scale institutions, DIY spaces, private collectors, and a thoughtful, curious cultural audience.


Distributed and published by Burnaway
Designed by Brette Richmond
Edition of 400, black and white
Printed in New Jersey

*Pre-orders will be shipped out the first full week of March.

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